Jerry Voorjans, photo artist.

At the age of 8 he got his first camera. It is not surprising to think that he was going to attend the vocational training.
Having grown up with an analog camera, he did the printing himself.
The switch to digital camera’s brought new techniques and possibilities.
He photographed almost everything. From wedding to staff party, family portraits, child of the week, glamour shoots.

Until a personal event changed everything.
It had to be different. Authentic.
With room for his love for vintage and portrait photography.
Pure images printed on pieces of steel from the scrap yard. Raw edges that may remain visible.
In both the person and the artwork that arises after his manual editing.
He developed a special printing technique and went to work. The result…
Tough and unique artworks, personally made for you.

He calls himself prainter. He laughs modestly at the word ‘artist’.
A rock-a-billy sound out of the jukebox, Persian carpets on the floor and vintage finds frame his work.
Jerry sits at the kitchen table and his studio represents him. He is one with the interior and his work.

With his family just a few meters away, he enjoys his work any moment of the day.  His journey as a prainter has only just begun…